AQ-7114/7015 - Close ratio gear set

Close ratio gear set for E93A gearbox cut as 20/28 tooth gear set to give a drive of 2.25 in first and 1.278 in second. new spigot bushes will be required in addition in both parts which we offer in standard and various undersizes to account for shaft wear. we have based the gear ration between the Buckler type C set which is for very light specials under 500kg weight, and Buckler type D set which was for specials over 500kg. these gears are not suitable for saloon models. to obtain optimum result you need to run with either 4.7 ratio crown wheel and pinion and 17 inch wheels or 4.4 ratio crown wheel and pinion 4.4 ratio crown wheel and pinion with 15 inch wheels. Please note that these are straight cut gear sets.

Diagrams including Close ratio gear set