AP-6050-100E - Aquaplane cylinder head for 100E engine

Aquaplane alloy cylinder superhead for 100E engine, weight approx 3.5kg. Compression ratio is approx 8 to 1. Please note that the main face of these heads feature a milled finish but will require final skimming by the customer to their specification. Skimming can be arranged at an additional charge.

Fitting instructions

Cylinder head torque settings

Torque data for tightening cylinder head nuts:
8hp and 10hp -30 to 35 lb./ft.- 40 to 47 Nm
100E - 65 to 70 lb./ft - 88 to 94 Nm
105E/123E - 65 to 70 lb./ft- 88 to 94 Nm

Diagrams including Aquaplane cylinder head for 100E engine