100E-6250-S - Camshaft sports profile 130RH

New made sports camshaft. (not an old unit which has been reground). approx details. Please note that this camshaft has been hardened to Rockwell C 53 level, when fitted and running engine, a running in oil must be used i.e, Millers CRO 10W-40 competition mineral running in oil. As modern oils now have less Zinc added to them for emission reasons and can be detrimental to camshafts especially during the initial running after an engine build.
lift 0.332" duration at crankshaft 254 degree
angle of relationship 109 degree controlled by standard cam angle
inlet fully open at 109 degree TDC
theoretical timing - inlet 18/56, exhaust 56/18
running clearance - inlet 0.008", exhaust 0.010"

Diagrams including Camshaft sports profile 130RH